Sunday 22 January 2017

WATCH: Biffy Clyro - 'Flammable'

They may have played a bunch of acoustic sessions and shows lately, bizarrely (for them) fully clothed, but in their new music video for Flammable, Biffy Clyro are back to their usual selves, having lost their shirts and rocking out at full volume. The track is one of the highlights of their recent record Ellipsis for me and this video is not at all disappointing, with the band playing inside a see through box as a bunch of pyrotechnics (is that the right word? Fireworks didn't feel like it did the video justice) are shot towards it... pretty spectacular stuff, and it seems they got out unscathed, phew!

In case you missed it, Biffy are up for Best British Group at the Brit Awards, see all the nominees here! While I'm on the topic, a bunch of artists are playing shows for the awards in a few weeks, including Jack Savoretti playing an intimate gig at Hoxton Hall - tickets for most shows have sold out but you can try your luck in a £5 ballot here.

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