Monday 5 September 2016

WATCH: Little Mammoths - 'Uncle Ken's Bar'

Back in February I organised my first ever gig, with Little Mammoths headlining the basement of a cool pub in Oxford, and on the day of the show, Matt sent me the final mix of their debut album to listen to. It was the perfect thing to get me excited for the evening, and it's a brilliant record, I was very excited for others to get to hear it... not to mention impressed that they'd whittled down their material to a 10 track record, as they're known to play three hour long sets!

It's been a while coming since then but last week they announced that the album is out, and you can listen to it online in full HERE! For a taster, watch their new video for Uncle Ken's Bar, filmed on a recent tour. The track, about one of their favourite places (probably THE favourite) to play in Ireland is really fun, and fast-paced, and this is captured so well in the video, showing lots of people in some busy pubs having a brilliant time watching the guys play live... an impressive fusion of guitar, drums, bass, slide guitar and a horn section (though I've seen them with even more guys playing with them for their premature album launch back in October.)

Though you can listen to the album straight away online, they'll be releasing it on CD soon, and they've launched a campaign to try and get a limited run of 200 vinyl records printed. If you're interested in getting one, enter your email address to show your interest and if you're in the first fifty you'll even be featured on the artwork! I know it'll mean a lot to the guys to get the vinyl campaign up and running, so please support!

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