Monday 12 September 2016

LISTEN: Homeplanetearth release self-titled EP

The absolutely lovely Oxford based homeplanetearth have released the fourth and final track from their debut EP, their self-titled demo CD which they're releasing through a massive Oxford show on Friday night. I'm moving back to university on Saturday and gutted to be missing the show, particularly special as it's the first show of their debut UK tour, and the first of Tigmus' season of shows at the O2 Academy in Oxford. 

The EP opens with the band's debut track Phat Phil, the first track I heard from the band back in February before meeting Josephine and Thomas and realising they were as lovely as their music (and their beautiful artwork!) Alongside the track come Find Me and Luca, and the new track Vi Er Dig. The band write of the new track that it "discusses a world where we are all human, we are all the same, yet we fight over menial matters and ruin beautiful things" - couldn't say it better myself, and applaud the guys for tackling these deep issues (their track Luca discusses the feelings associated with abusive relationships). Check out the EP and get along to their show on Friday as my proxy.. they also play Bristol, London, Norwich, Southampton and Brighton - tickets and info for all the shows here!

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