Tuesday 10 May 2016

WATCH: Sam Beeton - 'Can You See The Lights'

Feeling a little nostalgic at the moment for Sam Beeton, one of my favourite artists who I first saw live just under five years ago but haven't been able to see for over two and half years now (been a few gigs but too far from uni). This video of Sam performing one of my favourite tracks of his, Can You See The Lights, a few years ago at Boardmasters is usually a must when I make playlists of acoustic videos to play in the background when doing some work, and I guess it's particularly relevant with the sunny weather lately! 

It's a bit of a trek for me but in the interests of you all having a great summer of music, check out the Boardmasters website here for info on the line-up and where to get tickets. It's in August and the line-up is looking pretty great, by which I admittedly mean that Jack Savoretti is on it, but there are tons of other great artists too! 

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