Monday 23 May 2016

LIVE: Busted at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham (18/5/16)

Now I might lose all my music cred (is that a thing, and do I really have it?) for this, but no regrets - last week, I went to see my childhood favourites, Busted, play at the arena in Nottingham. I know I'm certainly not alone in saying that they were my favourite band growing up, but I feel a special connection to the music... music plays such a big part in my life, and they were the first band I felt a real love and a passion for, so getting to see them live was pretty fantastic. 

It was particularly special because Charlie has rejoined them, and while as you'd expect there's a lot of scepticism about him joining just for the money, well firstly - who wouldn't?! It was a surprising U-turn but honestly who cares what his intentions are... the three of them seemed to be having a good time and so were the rest of us, yelling out the lyrics to classics such as Crashed The Wedding, What I Go To School For and Year 3000, after warming up with a Teenage Dirtbag singalong as America's Wheatus were supporting (alongside Emma Blackery.) I loved that they played their track from the Thunderbirds movie which went down really well - I remember going to see the movie in a preview at the cinema (my dad was a huge fan of the classic Thunderbirds) and us being the only two in the room. While they didn't play my favourite track, She Wants To Be Me, they did perform on a second stage and sang the beautiful stripped back version of Meet Me There which they recently recorded at Abbey Road Studios (below.) Somehow they managed to make that feel really intimate and emotional! 

The day was also pretty special as before the show we caught up with one of my favourite artists, Sam Beeton, over a coffee, after last seeing him over two and a half years ago! Glad to hear he's well and working on new music, which we'll have to carry on patiently awaiting! Pic or it didn't happen....

If you'd like to relive your childhood and catch a Busted show, there's still some of the tour left (the O2 at the weekend is highly tempting...) and they're also playing some dates over Summer, all of the info here

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