Wednesday 4 May 2016

LISTEN: Roberto y Amigos - 'Ready When You Are'

Last week when I gave a presentation about my placement with Tigmus, I focused upon the Little Mammoths gig I put on, mentioning the support band on the night, Roberto y Juan. Confusingly enough however, they'd announced just a couple of hours before that they were changing their name to Roberto y Amigos (sorry Jonny), an easy enough switch at this early stage as the band starts to find its feet musically. The new name reflects that they're more than just a duo, firstly as George of homeplanetearth has been playing with them at the last few live shows (but Roberto y Juan y Jorge doesn't sound as catchy), and as many other musicians are also part of the music that the guys are producing.

Along with the new name came a new track, Ready When You Are, with Neverlnd guitarist Henry on lead guitar and Robin's sister Cat on lead vocals, reflecting the collaborative, collective element of the ensemble. Listen above! 

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