Thursday 15 October 2015

LIVE: Little Mammoths at The Borderline (14/10/15)

Last night I trekked across to London to see Little Mammoths, a rock band fronted by Matt Owens (bassist of Noah & The Whale). Though I've seen Matt playing shows to support his solo record a lot over the past year I'd never seen them before and wasn't really sure what to expect. After a nightmare travelling to Oxford St due to a couple of road closures, I actually arrived just as the first support band came on stage.

Tom Figgins and his band were up next and put on a great show as usual, contending with a pretty talkative crowd but giving it their all nonetheless. With recent support from BBC Radio 2 and Chris Evans, Tom seems to finally be breaking through and I'd really recommend checking out his latest single, Giants Played In Woods Like These (official video) with which he closed the set - a great performance.

Tom Figgins 
Performing as an eight piece band (that to my surprise actually managed to all fit on stage) comprising of Matt and Tom on guitars, George Leigh on slide guitar, Oliver Cox on bass, James Besley on drums, Fred Abbott on keys and Nick Etwell and Dave Williamson (who play trumpet and trombone for Mumford & Sons), the show represented the first time that everyone who played on the upcoming Little Mammoths record played a show together under the moniker. They brought their unique style of rock and it was clear that the band was having as great a time as the packed out audience, ignoring the set times a little to play a couple of extra songs (who cares that there's a DJ set afterwards?!) as the crowd were left wanting more! Their set comprised of a lot of tracks from the upcoming record which is likely to be finished in 4 weeks or so - look out for a review once its ready! I really enjoyed the set and, reflective of Matt's solo record, the tracks all felt really personal in their lyrics, a highlight was one that I think was called 'Hometown', which was particularly poignant for the band having just finished a Scottish tour and returning to the London crowd, full of friends and family of the band.

Little Mammoths

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