Friday 9 October 2015

LISTEN: Foreign Affairs 'You Said To Me' for Breast Cancer Care

As a small blog submissions aren't regular but it is always great to get music sent to listen to via email, and this new track from Foreign Affairs is no exception. The band is a trio with two brothers,  Adam and Lawrence Purnell, and bassist Ben Sweeney. My path crossed with Adam a few years ago when he was playing shows alongside Sam Beeton A talented artist in his own right, Adam and his brother started the folk-rock band in 2012, and have recently released their debut album, The First.

The band's new track, entitled You Said To Me, is great musically, but more-so, its heart-wrenching lyrics take the fore, inspired by the brother's experiences, here explained by Adam:
"Just over four years ago our mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, which came as a huge shock to our family; we'd always heard of stories but never really thought it would happen to our mum. After a mastectomy and numerous rounds of chemotherapy, the strength and determination that our mum showed and still shows on a daily basis to fight the disease inspired us to write a song about our family's experience."
Hear a little more from the band in this interview, in which you can hear the track in the background, too.

The band's bassist has shockingly had a similar experience, with his mother also being previously diagnosed with breast cancer. Though the track was written by Lawrence predominantly for his mother, the track has now taken on a life of its own - the band contacted Breast Cancer Care and the track has just been released through the charity as part of its campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As the leading charity for the support of women with breast cancer, the charity does great work and the proceeds from sales of the track will all go towards the charity, helping them to continue with this work. 

You can download the track here, and find out more about the charity on its website here.

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