Sunday 7 July 2024

EP NEWS: Hohnen Ford - 'I Wish I Had A God'

... is this thing on? So much brilliant music, so little time to share it!! Dropping in to share something that stopped me in my tracks in my inbox yesterday - the latest from North Londoner Hohnen Ford. Hohnen has announced her second EP I Wish I Had A God and shared the beautifully sentimental title track. 

On the track, she shares -  "'I Wish I Had A God' emerged from the depths of grief, as an attempt to make sense of losing one of my best friends last year. Songwriting can be a vessel for grappling with the ineffable. This is the most painful song I've ever written, and has also been a bittersweet gift to watch it resonate with so many as I've performed it live over the last year. Our shared human experience of grief teaches us so much." 

The EP I Wish I Had A God arrives via Young Poet on 3rd August. 

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