Wednesday 21 September 2022

LISTEN: Maja Lena - 'Through The Wall'

If I'm going to post irregularly, dipping in and out every week or so, it's wise to make those occasional posts something extra special, right? How about some gorgeous new Maja Lena for your Wednesday? Completely beguiling. So so stunning. Through The Wall is the second single to be taken from Maja's upcoming second album Pluto, which was produced by longtime collaborator Rob Pemberton and is releasing via Chiverin Records on 2nd December. The track sees Rob on drums, Alex Heane on bass and Emma Gatrill on clarinet (who else?!) 

On the track, Maja shares: "I wrote 'Through The Wall' while we were recording the album. I wasn't sure if it would make it onto the record, but I couldn't stop playing it and then we ended up tracking it. Lyrically, there are themes of feeling torn between two worlds, themes of feeling not good enough, and themes of feeling lost. It's also about the strange passing of time." 

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