Thursday 8 September 2022

LISTEN: Chartreuse & Orlando Weeks - 'Satellites'

Dream collaboration time. Imagine the stunning vocals and musical styles of Chartreuse and Orlando Weeks combined... well you don't have to, because it is here and it is a beaut. Of course it is. The blend of vocals feels so natural - might we expect them to make some more music together in the future? I certainly hope so.

On Satellites, Chartreuse share: "We've been big fans of Orlando's work for many years and were introduced over email a few years back. We sent him a piano idea we'd been messing around with that we couldn't seem to go any further with. He sent back a beautiful voice recording from his laptop microphone of an almost finished song about Satellites. He called us up and told us he was getting a space interstellar feeling, then probably a year or so later he came over and we finished the song off! Enjoy!" 

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