Monday 2 August 2021

WATCH: Elke - 'I Can Help'

I receive quite a few emails to the blog each week with new music to listen to - it takes something special to stand out amongst the crowd. The gems that I discover there are part of the reason that I stick with this all... finding something I might have otherwise never heard is a rare joy. This last week, one of those was the new track from Elke, a new-to-me Nashville-based artist. Elke (AKA Kayla Graninger) has just shared I Can Help and announced details of her debut album No Pain For Us Here, due September 24th (already a ridiculously good day for new releases with records from Public Service Broadcasting, Bess Atwell, Childcare and Ada Lea) via Congrats Records

Produced by Kayla's partner, fellow musician and collaborator Zac Farro (HalfNoise, drums in Paramore) the new record pulls together influences from the New York music scene past and present. Kayla moved to the city at the age of 17, immersing herself in music and playing gigs under various monikers until landing on Elke, the name of her mother and grandmother, who passed before she ever got to meet her. 

"I wrote 'I Can Help' as an ode to the somewhat dystopian life we all seem to have accepted as comfortable, myself included. And then how the responsibility always gets dumped on the people who didn't even create the fundamental issues. Steel drums felt to be an appropriate foundation, and from there Zac and Co. worked their magic to lift up this song in an irresistible way. I'm very proud of this song, it is one of my favorites on the record."       

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