Tuesday 14 July 2020

LISTEN: Patricia Lalor - 'Self Aware'

There has been a flurry of really exciting EPs coming out at the moment from the likes of Moscow Apartment, Holly Redford Jones and Japan, Man - soon (on 24th July) Patricia Lalor joins the mix with the Do It Again EP. At just 14, Patricia has been rising to fame online for a couple of years, racking up support from Hozier in response to a Cherry Wine cover, and collecting over 140 thousand (!) subscribers on her Youtube channel. The follow up to recent track Alone, she's just shared Self Aware, a track full of haunting vocals, dreamy guitars, and lyricism which brings to mind the likes of SOAK and Brooke Bentham

Talking about the track, Patricia says that it is "the longest song I've written in a while. It was inspired by me wishing to be more outgoing in myself and my music. When I was writing it I was feeling a lil down, but it was one of those things where the song kind of just came out and I had so much fun writing it. At the time I was wanting to be like other people instead of just accepting myself." 

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