Thursday 16 July 2020

ALBUM NEWS: Nana Adjoa - 'No Room'

I'm loving the sound and visuals on this one - a soothing tune with a video that oozes warmth, perfect for these drizzly summer days, longing for Summer to return. Nana Adjoa is a new name to me, but she's been steadily gaining support from publications with the release of a string of EPs and singles since 2017. She's just announced news of her debut album - No Room is the latest single taken taken from Big Dreaming Ants, which is due for release on 24th September. Born in Amsterdam to a Dutch mother and a Ghanaian father, Adjoa brings her experiences to her music, exploring issues of race, gender, religion, sexuality and identity in her lyrics. 

The new single explores the concept of small talk, with a delicately crafted layer of sounds representing, Nana explains, "the noise that somebody makes when they're talking to you, but not really saying anything." She adds that she wrote the track "about the feeling of having a conversation with someone which gets stuck in habitual small talk. Trying to control the moment, but leaving no room to discover the moment, each other or something new and unexpected." 

The video for the track is the second in a trilogy from creative director Rudy Asibey, alongside previous single She's Stronger and upcoming single National Song. Talking about the video, Nana explains that "it's vague, but it is a feeling [... we're taken] into this dreamlike landscape, where you (the viewer) and the main character find the room to drift off." The director Robbert Doelwijt Jr adds "I wanted to translate the song's message into the video, which was filmed to look like one continuous sequence with the use of wipe transitions and match cuts. I wanted the video to show Nana on her way to find room to be creative, despite the things holding her back." 

He goes further, explaining that the idea was "to bring Nana's duality in culture and music together [...] we see more of her Ghanaian culture and a journey to finding herself." The video features various Ghanaian cultural symbols - including the mother's dress, a woven Bolga basket, the Fugu cloth and Oware, a strategy board game played in the country. 

Excited to hear more - pre-order the record here.

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