Monday 22 October 2018

WATCH: Rae Morris - 'Dancing With Character'

Rae Morris is a complete star. Her record Someone Out There was released at the start of the year, and as I've written on here a few times already, it very quickly became a favourite of mine - it's my album of the year so far, easily. Not only did I completely love the music, but I connected with the lyrics on several of the tracks. It's a little bit of a cliché and not something I'm really accustomed to, but it felt as if Rae had penned down tracks explaining exactly how I was feeling at the time. It is now one of my favourite ever records, and I was ecstatic to see Rae perform live in Nottingham's Rescue Rooms a few weeks back, bringing tracks from the record (and her beautiful debut Unguarded) to life with infectious energy, passion and humility.

While some of the faster tracks like Dip My Toe and Atletico (The Only One) are highlights of the record for me, I was really struck by the album's closing track (and slightly slower tune) Dancing With Character upon the first few listens. In a track by track description of the album, Rae details the beautiful story behind the track, which was inspired by her best friend's grandparents. It is a simultaneously heart-wrenching and heartwarming track if you listen to the lyrics closely. Signing off on the Someone Out There era, Rae has shared a simple but rather exquisite video for the track, dancing with her gran in Blackpool Tower Ballroom. From Rae: "Thank you for all your passion, love and constant support for this record. I'm going away for a few months to write the next era. I've got a good feeling about this one." I absolutely can not wait to see what Rae does next, and will be listening to this record with so much adoration for a while to come yet!

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