Tuesday 11 April 2017

ALBUM NEWS: Little Mammoths - 'Cargo For The Road'

At the start of the month the lovely Little Mammoths chaps played a vinyl release show at Rough Trade West for their record Phantom Dreams. I was gutted to miss out on the show as I was busy at another great gig in Oxford!  The album has been around online for quite a few months now and it feels like since the release the guys have been posting photos of recording for it's follow up, and I've just received some info about that in my inbox! First, get a taster of the band with this video of one of my favourite tracks of theirs, Get Me Back To Austin, performed at Rough Trade!

Their second record Cargo For The Road is set to be released on 23rd June, backed by an extensive tour around Europe and a bunch of UK festivals, including Glastonbury. Living up to the mammoth name, the band are playing a warm-up for Glastonbury at Michael Eavis' favourite pub the Pilton Working Men's Club on April 29th, playing for (get ready for it....) 8 hours!! The set will involve their entire repertoire of LM tracks as well as covers by all sorts of artists, and having seen them play a 3 hour set I can say that the people of Somerset are in for a treat, AND the proceeds for the gig are going towards WaterAid.

As always, keep up to date with new music and shows through the band's website!

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