Sunday 2 August 2015

WATCH: We Were Evergreen 'Be Like You' for Sofar Sounds

Surprisingly it is over a year since French trio We Were Evergreen released their debut record, Towards with its singles False Start and Daughters. Loving this video released a couple of days ago of a Sofar Sounds session in London, with the band playing a track which they recently shared on social media, a reworking of the The Jungle Book track I Want To Be Like You, which works incredibly well. As Michael says in the video, and particularly compared with when I first started listening to the band back in 2011 or 2012, they have now departed from their stripped back, acoustic and folk-y sound, with the album having more of an electronic, indie pop style. As such, its nice to see a new stripped back video of the band, whose vocals and harmonies can stand by themselves and sound wonderful without the need for overpowering music.

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