Sunday 28 June 2015

LISTEN: The Sons release self-titled EP

A few weeks ago I went to a local (ish) gig in Milton Keynes, where my favourite band, The Hoosiers, were playing. Before their set I was impressed by the second support act of the evening, a local band called The Sons, a five person ensemble who played upbeat, funky tracks and helped to set the fun, lively atmosphere for The Hoosiers - particularly with a saxophonist on stage! I later realised the band itself is actually the bassist and drummer, brothers Alex and George. Read my post about the gig in question here.

Above is the band's debut self-titled EP, a home recording mixed and mastered by Josh Dickens (view his site here). A warning though.. it's opening track, Life In My Pocket, has been stuck in my head on and off since the gig - very catchy!

The Sons performing at MK11 a few weeks ago.

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