Sunday 7 December 2014

LIVE: The Sea & I (3/12/14) and Adam Barnes (6/12/14)

I've been to two wonderful gigs this week, a welcome break from my rather large list of deadlines. I think the gigs I've been able to go to have probably been my highlight of this first semester at uni, as there aren't many gigs in my hometown so I usually have to travel to things!

The first of these was The Sea & I on Wednesday, headlining The Islington in London, where they were joined on stage by London Chamber Brass and London Contemporary Voices, and supported by Stephanie O'Brien. I've been waiting to see the band for a long time but have never had the chance as shows have been too far away, or 18+, so as I'm living closer to London and I'm 18 I had to snap this one up! They played a superb set, really immersive, quite an experience! They played most tracks from their two EPs, and a couple of new ones, which worked really well. I got this video of their track Improve, my favourite from the first EP (official video here.) Overall a really fun night, and nice to see so many friendly faces, most notably one of my lecturers from uni.. who happens to be housemates with the band's manager. Small world!

The second gig was Adam Barnes last night at The Cellar in Oxford. He's just finished up a tour of venues around Europe and the UK, playing over 30 shows in total, and this was the final night of the tour, quite fitting as a full-band hometown show, surrounded by his friends and family. Adam and his band put on a fantastic show, a highlight of which was a beautiful unplugged encore of his track Come Undone played in the crowd. Also worth a note is the support Willie J Healey, who played a really fun and energetic set, and is currently working on an EP. The video I got, below, is of the track Kurushio Sea, taken from Adam's debut album The Land, The Sea & Everything Lost Beneath.

Now to try and complete a lot of uni work this week before Bombay Bicycle ClubPeace, and Sivu at Earls Court on Saturday!

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