Thursday 3 October 2013

LISTEN: Franz Ferdinand - 'Right Action'

Loving this, Franz Ferdinand performing Right Action on Later... with Jools Holland. I wasn't aware of their new record (Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action) until I saw it in HMV and I wasn't sure whether to buy it, and worried that I might be disappointed because I really loved their older stuff when I was growing up. Fear not, however, the new record (which I've since bought on vinyl) is fantastic, one of my favourite new albums of this year in fact.

The tracks are catchy and showcase quite a range, a few start pretty slowly but the album retains the band's fun sound which you can't help but want to dance to. Alone, a lot of the tracks stand out as having single material. What's more, it's clearly a Franz Ferdinand record, you can hear clear elements of their older records in this one, which is great as it was the only worry I had about the album! The above video is one of the best tracks of the album, alongside my personal favourites Stand On The Horizon, Evil Eye and Bullet.

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