Hello! I'm Megan and firstly thanks for visiting my blog Cool Music And Things - I hope that you enjoy it and that you discover some brilliant new music through my posts. I'm 23, based in Peterborough and a graduate in English Literature and Communication, Media and Culture at Oxford Brookes University. I'm passionate about music (although I’m also partial to TV, film, theatre and of course literature) and I currently work in a music store and for gig booking platform Tigmus. Here's a little collage of me and some of my favourite musicians... (points for telling me who they all are!)

I set up the blog a few years ago on Tumblr to write about the music I love and after an encounter with the bassist of one of my favourite bands, where I told him that I had a blog and was given a copy of his solo record to review, I decided to make a proper go of it and moved to Blogger and got my own URL in May 2015. I initially started blogging as I realised that I was constantly recommending music to my friends and family and thought it would be useful (and fun!) to have a platform through which to do this on a wider scale, hopefully helping out the artists whose music I enjoy along the way. The response so far has been amazing having recently reached 500 likes on Facebook and over 90,000 all time views on the blog itself. 

I mostly listen to alternative, folk, acoustic and rock… the blog is incredibly personal, all the posts are written by me, so you’ll get a sense of my favourite artists through the posts I share but some big favourites are The Hoosiers, Jack Savoretti, King Charles, Sam Beeton, Dawes and Bear’s Den. The kind of posts that you can expect are recommendations, new videos, single and album announcements, sessions, gig and tour announcements and the odd review.

Disclaimer: most of the time when I post images, they'll be my own shots from gigs etc. I'll usually source those that aren't my own images (gig posters, other gig photography) but if I forget, please comment and I'll amend the posts.

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