Hello! I'm Megan - thanks so much for visiting my blog. As well as being a full time music lover... I currently work as a bookseller in Cambridgeshire. I graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2017 with a degree in English Literature and Communication, Media & Culture and I've worked as the community manager of a music-tech company in the past, as well as volunteering at lots of Sofar Sounds shows in Oxford. I hope that I can introduce you to some brilliant new artists and music through my posts.

A little cool music and things history... I set up the original version of this blog on Tumblr in 2012, with the sole intention of sharing the music I loved with friends. I initially started blogging as I realised that I was constantly recommending music to my friends and family and thought that it would be fun to have a platform through which to do this on a wider scale, maybe even helping out the artists whose music I enjoy along the way. About five years ago, I met the bassist of one of my favourite bands, told him I had a music blog and was given a copy of his solo record to review. This specific moment sparked something, and pushed me to make a go of the blog, moving the site to Blogger and getting my own URL.

The response over the past few years has been amazing - the number of views, followers and the like, as well as the people the blog has introduced me to. It's my creative outlet and the place that I can go to tell people just how brilliant my favourite artists are.

The blog is incredibly personal - every post has been written by me, so it reads as a bit of a stream-of-consciousness journal style ramble about the music I love. I'd like to hope that my passion for music comes across through the posts - of which you can expect recommendations, new videos, single and album announcements, sessions, gig and tour news and the odd review. 

If you'd like to get in touch - check out the contact page. 

Meg x

(p.s. the pic of me is courtesy of my good friend and gig buddy Sarah)

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