Tuesday 23 May 2023

WATCH: Chartreuse - 'Switch It On, Switch It Off'

Still bad at blogging. Sorry. Finding comfort in new tracks from favourites at the moment, and was really excited to find a new one from Chartreuse in the inbox a few days back. It's the first track from the band since last year's Satellites (featuring Orlando Weeks, no less) and the oh-so-brilliant Is It Autumn Already? EP which somehow came out in 2021... huh?!

They're a band who can kind of do no wrong in my eyes (though if they returned with some out of character death metal I might not vibe with it quite so much... but, you never know) and exactly what I'm looking for at the moment. There's only so much Stornoway I can listen to on repeat (OK, that's a lie). ANYWAY. Basically, Switch It On, Switch It Off is gorgeous and you should probably stop what you're doing and listen to it now.

On the track, vocalist Mike Wagstaff shares: "I wish I could control the switch in my head from overthinking and negativity. Through the verses, Switch It On, Switch It Off darts between memories, fantasies, daydreams and landscapes - snapshots from a busy mind. You have to observe and take them in quickly before they pass."

Chartreuse head out on a UK tour this November - dates and tickets here

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