Thursday 6 April 2023

WATCH: King Isis - 'i'm fine, thx 4 asking'

Brilliant new EP recommendation incoming - King Isis just shared scales via Dirty Hit and No Matter and it is all sorts of brill. Current single i'm fine, thx 4 asking is on repeat at the moment. So good!!! 

I love a great artist origin story, and Isis' is certainly that - born and raised in Oakland, CA, music is in their blood - they were taught to play on the same piano owned by their late family matriarch and great-great-grandmother Omega King, one of the first Black opera singers in Chicago. The King Isis moniker is a nod to Omega's legacy of pursuing her passion in segregated, post-slavery America. Isis shares: "her name holds a lot of power in my house and in my family. A big part of the reason my artist name incorporates hers is to remind me that there is power in my voice, that music has always been a deep-rooted part of me, and to keep going." 

Talking about the new track, Isis shares: "'I'm fine thx 4 asking' comes from moments of self-doubt and self-destruction, traversing through a place of hopelessness to hopefulness. This slump is expressed through the verses, like a cloud of dissociation, but then you're slapped in the face with a punchy chorus that represents a breakthrough moment of clarity and realization. So now you're kinda like wait - I think I can get through this - I know it's gonna take a lot of work but I swear I can do this. It is the moment of realizing that you have the agency to let go of your demons and work with your shadows, not against them."

Listen to scales here.

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