Thursday 14 July 2022

WATCH: Bells Larsen - 'People Who Mean So Much To Me'

"I wondered what would happen, if they made music out of me." 

New artist (for the blog) time!! Following their first single Double Aquarius last month, Bells Larsen (he/they) is back with People Who Mean So Much To Me, and this one really stopped me in my tracks in the inbox last week. Featuring Leith Ross on background vocals, the track features "vignettes about three distinct relationships that I had fostered throughout the span of a single year." 

Larsen adds "I wrote People Who Mean So Much To Me during the pandemic, while I was really missing community. The song is a reminder to myself that, even when I'm feeling lonely and isolated, I will continue to cross paths with incredible people and build meaningful relationships." 

The track arrives with a video directed by Daniel Crawford and animated by Bachar Bachoura, Daniel Crawford and Katie Finn, and which features wasps - a theme through the record. Bells adds "the record itself it about loss, and the act of losing can be like a wasp's sting. Also, there's a voice memo that features a song about wasps that bookends the record. This is all to say that it feels like I've had a wasp following me around for the past few years. That's where the idea for the video came from."

Both tracks are taken from Good Grief, releasing via Next Door Records on 9th September. Pre-save the record here.

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