Tuesday 23 November 2021

WATCH: Baby Queen - 'Wannabe'

Surprising myself once again by discovering that I haven't shared anything by Baby Queen here yet... (honestly, how?!) Fixing that now with latest tune Wannabe, which follows September's mixtape The Yearbook. Baby Queen, AKA South African-born London-based Bella Latham, is really finding a home for herself amongst contemporaries like Lauran HibberdSelf Esteem and Wallice... and I have to say I'm very much here for it. 

Describing Wannabe as somewhat of an "underdog's anthem" she explains: “It’s a song I wrote about the way other people have perceived me throughout my life. I feel like I’ve always had something to prove to other people and I’ve always been trying to fit into an ideal of who I should be and how I should behave. That changed when I became Baby Queen. I found a place I belonged and people who fully accepted me for who I am. By the standards of the people I grew up with, or used to try so hard be friends with, I might be weird or crazy or “the girl who kisses other girls” or a total wannabe, but by the standards of my people, I am great just the way I am. The song is an invitation to accept yourself and embrace the labels that are given to you by small minded, boring people. If this is what it means to be a loser, then I hope I’ll be a loser for the rest of my life.”

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