Monday 13 November 2017

WATCH: BE GOOD - 'Nightbus'

Following up their debut tune Not Waking Up and the recent (and totally smooth) It's Cool but It Ain't You, BE GOOD are back with Nightbus and Hazelnut, two new tunes which they're releasing through the Communion Singles Club. As an Oxford band I've got a soft spot for them which has only increased with the new video for Nightbus, featuring some familiar parts of the city which I love and miss terribly - most notably The Library music venue on Cowley Road, where I booked my first gig with Little Mammoths almost two years ago! The video premiered recently on The Independent, with the band telling them in a Q&A that the rest of the year involves recording for an EP release early next year - I'm very pleased to hear that! 

You can catch the band in London at the end of the month (30th) supporting Cousin Kula at Servant Jazz Quarters, or if you're in Oxford, they're headlining at The Cellar for Future Perfect alongside Magique on December 14th.  

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