Thursday 3 August 2017

WATCH: Everything Everything - 'Desire'

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll probably have noticed that the impeccable Everything Everything are back in our lives with new tunes taken from upcoming album A Fever Dream which is due out in just a couple of weeks (nobody panic!) Following up the first single Can't Do the guys premiered a corker of a tune entitled Desire on BBC Radio 1 on Tuesday night and it's been circling in my head since. They've just released the music video, which is equally brilliant and directed by Dave Tree, and the live performance element is making me fairly impatient for a tour announcement... They're one of the best and most fun bands I've had the pleasure of seeing and I can't wait to hear the new tracks performed live! Their last record Get To Heaven was my joint favourite record of 2015 so you could say I've got some pretty high expectations of this album but it's incredibly reassuring to hear Alex say on BBCR1 that "I think this is the best thing we've done", with Jonathan describing the track as being about "wanting something so much you don't care about the consequences of getting it" - check out the show here from around 31 min!

Everything Everything release their fourth studio album A Fever Dream on 18th August - get pre-ordering here (they've even got signed goodies on their official store!)

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