Saturday 2 July 2016

LISTEN: June 2016 playlist

Among all the excitement/drama of the EU referendum, the Euros and my twentieth birthday I just about forgot to make a playlist for the month so it's a couple of days late, but it's a pretty brilliant one! I only got to Bushstock this month but caught seven fantastic acts that day, so the playlist is made up of tracks from those artists as well as a flurry of new tracks from some of my favourite artists including Twin Atlantic, Two Door Cinema Club and Neverlnd. Take a listen below and look down the post for a little explanation of why each track is in the playlist!

  1. Bear's Den Auld Wives - much of my month has revolved around these guys musically, from listening to this first single from their upcoming new record, to entering countless competitions to win tickets to see them headlining Bushstock (which I did!) 
  2. Two Door Cinema Club Are We Ready? (Wreck) - after what seems like many many years, Two Door are back with a track from their new record Gameshow, which is released this October.
  3. Little Brother Eli Gold - one of my favourite band's from Oxford, I'm really happy for them to have released their debut album this month! This is one of my favourite tracks from the record, I love this Sofar Sounds session video of the track.
  4. Harry Pane Changing - Harry's just played two sold out shows for Tigmus, and I reviewed his new EP, of which this is the title track, for the Tigmus blog. It's a brilliant EP and well worth a listen!
  5. MarthaGunn Heaven - I keep hearing about these guys (but at first I mistook them for a solo singer I knew of a few years ago) and they supported at recent Toothless and Bear's Den shows, so I caught their set at Bushstock and really enjoyed it, they're certainly ones to watch for the rest of the year. 
  6. Neverlnd Neighbours - alongside LBE, these are another of my favourite Oxford-based bands, and this is their latest (brilliant) free monthly track!
  7. Jake Bugg Gimme The Love - Jake released his third studio record On My One in June, and this was the first single from the record, and a very catchy one!
  8. Billie Marten La Lune - I'd heard of Billie before but hadn't really listened to her (although I think I may have caught some of her set at Festifeel last year) until her new video for this track found its way into my inbox, but this track is too beautiful not to share (and she's only seventeen!!)
  9. Mumford & Sons ft. Baaba Maal, The Very Best & Beatenberg Wona - Mumford's Johannesburg EP, in collaboration with these three artists, was released this month. The collection of five tracks were created from scratch over a couple of days between shows in South Africa and this was the second track to be released at the start of this month. Very uplifting!
  10. Charlie Cunningham Telling It Wrong - I saw Charlie last November supporting the wonderful Stornoway guys in a beautiful church in Oxford. Who knew that in just about 7 months time I'd recreate the experience in a church in London... glad I could catch most of Charlie's set while at Bushstock!
  11. Tom Odell Concrete - there's been so much great new music this month and Tom's new album Wrong Crowd is no exception. I've already shared the brilliant title track and Magnetised in previous playlists but I'm loving the record and this is another favourite from it. 
  12. Lucy Leave Carry - these guys played a really successful Tigmus show recently and while their recent EP which the show was the launch for isn't on Spotify (listen here instead) I'm digging this track from another EP of theirs!
  13. Luke Sital-Singh Nothing Stays The Same - Luke's was the first set I caught at Bushstock, a secret set in a wine bar. I was having some food in Westfield up the road and saw the announcement, very glad I managed to go and get my ticket and get back to the venue and grab a spot. Hadn't listened to his music before and I was really impressed, I've since grabbed his CD and I will keep an eye out for the new music he played in the set!
  14. Matthew & The Atlas Temple - on just before Bear's Den at Bushstock, I was at the very back of the church for their set, and (as always!) stood behind some very tall guys, but from what I could hear, the set was pretty beautiful. 
  15. Bastille Good Grief - even more brilliant new music! After a year or two away, the guys finally released a new track from their upcoming record, released in September. 
  16. Amber Run Haze - considering the pretty long queue outside the bar, I felt very lucky to be in the right place just as they announced these guys as one of the secret acts at Bushstock. I hadn't listened to this track before, which they released a couple of months ago, but it really stuck with me after the set. A highlight of the day was a guy who hadn't got into the set, but who stayed outside the venue practically a pane of glass away from the band, singing along to every single word of their set. I saw him at some other sets later in the day and it was pretty sweet to see how much it all meant to him and how passionate he was about the music. 
  17. Dan Croll From Nowhere - the final Bushstock track in the playlist and the way in which I won tickets for the festival - as I won tickets to see Dan (who was headlining one of the biggest venues) in someone's back garden, a secret stage organised by TOMS shoes. He played a beautiful set and I felt pretty honoured to witness it!
  18. Little Brother Eli Beautiful People - I'm that excited about these guys releasing their debut record that I have to put two tracks from it into the playlist. Wholeheartedly encourage you to go and take a listen to the full album and to catch them live if you get the chance, they're a brilliant live band!
  19. Twin Atlantic No Sleep - not only for the reason that I'm writing this at 1am, this track is perfect to round off the playlist as the first new music I got pretty excited about in June. It's on their upcoming album GLA which is also out in September, and I'm very excited to hear more tracks from the album in a couple of weeks when (provided it isn't cancelled for health reasons as a few recent shows have been) I see the guys live in London for the first time! 

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