Saturday 15 November 2014

WATCH: Ben Howard - 'Small Things'

I (sadly) haven't been able to grab Ben Howard's new record yet, but I went against my beliefs and downloaded Spotify (probably best not to start me ranting about it) to take a listen. And it's utterly superb. Sharing this video of one of my favourite tracks from the album, Small Things.

When I first started listening to Ben following the release of Keep Your Head Up and its consequential play on MTV Rocks, I just missed out on seeing him play a small venue for something ridiculous like £6, and I regret this completely! Sadly won't be seeing him on next year's tour, but have just got to see him live at some point soon. Really chuffed for him that the record is doing so well, and for the widespread recognition he's getting - incredibly deserving!

Tour dates and ticket info is here.

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